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Day 12 of 33: Maintenance

Time to wash that soul!

Make your peace with God and among yourselves. For that, it is necessary to believe, to pray, to fast, and to go to confession.

Our Lady during Medjugorje apparition on June 26, 1981

If Our Lady recommends a spiritual practice, you bet it is worth your time. She boiled it down to a few, and Confession is one of them. How do you feel about confession? When was the last time you went? How do you feel before you go, and how do you feel after?

Personally, I know that when I go weekly (yeah that’s a lot), I am changed. I am more peaceful. I am happier. My mind is quieter, as in less negative self-talk, less temptation. I have more love to give in my relationships. I perform my duties with more patience and care. My eyes, ears and heart are more alert in seeking God, and I am more likely to find Him in the ways He is communicating with me.

Confession is hard, but so worth it. I can’t encourage you enough to go TODAY.

I love the analogy Matthew Kelly gives us. Our souls are like cars. Confession is when we get one of those thorough car washes. We’re sensitive after that to everything that gets it dirty, so we’re careful with it. But it doesn’t take long before we get careless again. We leave a coat in the car, thinking we’ll get it later, but we don’t. Then we leave a small wrapper in the cup holder. Then we toss a stack of old books into the backseat and bags of clothes to someday donate to Goodwill. Pretty soon those little things add up. As Kelly puts it,

We lose our sensitivity to sin in exactly the same way because after a while, a big self-destructive behavior doesn’t look that bad amongst all those little ones, does it? That’s how it works. You go to Confession and when you come out you are sensitive about the things that have stopped you from becoming the best version of yourself, just like when you wash your car and you are sensitive about the things that make your car dirty.

Matthew Kelly

Keep a regularly scheduled maintenance for your soul. The Blessed Mother implores you. Jesus invites you.


I am a wife, mother of one, and daughter of God who can always be found with a book (or three). My home is shared with a friend who has chronic Lyme disease; I am honored to be her caregiver. Daily I am seeking to be more like Christ, and though I often fail utterly, I'm too stubborn to give up. If I can encourage one woman or at least make her laugh, then I've accomplished my goal!

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